September 05, 2014
It's late Summer and OpenSourcery staff is busy putting the fininished touches on a project that blends Summer Camp fun with College creds (AmeriCorps VISTA Campus) and planning festvities for the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit, October 17-19. OpenSourcery is again an event sponsor, and three Sourcerers are volunteering time to make sure it's the best PNW Summit ever! Get your tickets today.
June 30, 2014
Readers of this blog are familiar with OpenSourcery's frequent contributions to DrupalGive—over 800 donated hours last year alone, to refine and improve the Drupal platform. This commitment of 'making everyone's experience better' runs strong throughout the Drupal community, and just one reason the CMS is exploding in popularity. Open source platforms like Drupal, are only possible through ongoing collaboration of tens of thousands of bright, highly motivated programmers, willing to prioritize 'building benefit for everyone' over an ownership model focused solely on economic gain. Recently, while listening to stories from successful business innovators, I was struck by the similarity of an 'open source ethos' that drives their passion and fuels the social economy. 
June 03, 2014
Check out our Drupal contributions for the month of May!   Jesse I contributed to an issue queue: I also contributed a patch to help Drush support the Geocoder module: I contributed to issue queue for the Profile2 module: 
May 21, 2014
 We are gearing up for DrupalCon Austin! As Drupal experts and enthusiasts you cannot expect to find us anywhere else this June. Our savvy developers will be traveling to Austin, TX (where they'll no doubt continue to keep things weird) and immerse themselves in the most important Drupal event around. DrupalCon, here we come! 
May 19, 2014
Check out our Drupal Contributions for the month of April!    Eric 
April 04, 2014
 Check out our Drupal Contributions for the month of March!Eric  
March 28, 2014
We're growing here at OpenSourcery!