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Tuesday, April 12, 2011 - 11:13
Today OpenSourcery announces the alpha release of our second Drupal distribution for nonprofits: Volunteer Rally, a web application that helps organization manage their volunteers. Volunteer Rally allows you to publish a calendar of available volunteer shifts on the web. Your volunteers may browse through calendar dates, choose shifts that they're interested in, and sign-up for them. Once they've signed up they'll recieve an email reminder one day before the shift. Site administrators are able to create shifts and specify a capacity for each shift. If you have an established, predictable schedule for your volunteer shifts, you'll be able to create re-occurring shifts that will save the the hassle of creating them one at a time. Once a shift is complete you'll be able to take a rollcall and then adjust the actual number of volunteer attendees. Over time, Volunteer Rally will help give you a good idea of how your volunteer operations are performing and prepares you to share this information with your supporters. It's released under an open source license and we welcome other Drupal developers to use it in their professional (and technical volunteer) work. (Developers, visit the project page on and follow us on GitHub.) End users that are comfortable installing Drupal may download a tarball of this distribution on OpenSourcery's code page.

How to Use Volunteer Rally

After you've installed Volunteer Rally, you'll want to begin by setting your date and time settings for the site. To do this, visit Site Configuration -> Date and time and then set the default time zone. Next, you should create some shifts that your volunteers may sign-up for. First, login as the site administrator and click the "add shift" menu item. To create the shift, fill out the Date, Start time, End time, Sign-up status, Total capacity, and (optionally) a Memo that will only be accessible to shift co-ordinators. If this is a shift that re-occurs at a steady pace for your organization (say, every Friday, or every other day), Volunteer Rally will automate the creation of multiple shifts. To do this, navigate to the detail page for a shift by clicking on the header for the shift on the calendar then clicking the shift title in the pop-up. On that detail page, you'll see a tab titled, "repeat." Click that tab and you'll be taken to the new sequence page. Fill out these forms to match your required calendar shift information. Once that's done, users will be able to sign-up for shift by clicking on the calendar and then selcting "sign-up" from from the pop-up menu. Site administrators may review all confirmed sign-ups by visiting the shifts detail page, as described above, and selecting the sign-ups tab. There's more to explore, but that will get you started! From all of us at OpenSourcery, we hope this tool helps you connect to others that want to help you fulfill your mission. Enjoy it.


Congrats on your second

Congrats on your second distribution! There's a lot of nice functionality built in here.

Since it seems to be largely Features driven, I assume it should be easy add aspects of this system to an existing site (for instance, a running instance of your Donor Rally distro)? Are you planning to make the individual Features components available independent from the full distribution?

Hello,I'm newbie with

I'm newbie with Drupal, I create view in page to show collection specific field from node and each field will be linking to its node, that field is CCK imagefield. The problem where in the output, a lot of rubbish code

Integrate with online payroll systems

This is exactly what I've been looking to implement to integrate with one of the online payroll services. Do you know if it's possible to integrate this Drupal design with another online program? If I can replicate this, it will save me a lot of time.

Volunteer Rally Install

Sorry for the rookie question...

I am new to Drupal and have a hosted site on Yahoo. I have installed several modules via .zip files and experimented with CCK Signup and Volunteer Rally looks ideal for what I am trying to do. Can you give some basic steps from downloading the .tar file and the process of installing on a hosted drupal 6 install? How do I install it and where does it belong in the directory structure, etc? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Alpha Rally

Non profits are always getting the short end of the stick, so it's about time that they get some awesome technology as well! I worked for a university, and our IT department was always behind the curve. I've heard reports that there are all kinds of third-party software options now for non profits: Non Profits Are Landing More Volunteers; Employee Schedule Reports Are one Reason," Financial Times, today. If you're a non profit like us looking for ways to involve volunteers and engage them (but not have to drag down your internal staff with volunteer tracking, etc.) then you need help like this. I'll mention Volunteer Rally to my boss (even though she'll probably tell me she's 'got it handled!')


Hi there,

is there a demo or test page where I can see the futures in work? I am very much interested in this project, and would be nice to try it.

Andras Molnar,

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