October 07, 2012
We were listed among the Strategic Initiative Volunteers who help to improve Drupal.org and help to implement COD, a key DrupalCon tool. Read more on the Drupal Associations post: https://association.drupal.org/about/strategic-initiative-volunteersJonathanI worked on the DrupalExtension for Behat and Drupal.org BDD. I also submitted several bug fixes for Organic Groups and updated modules and features for NP Auction. I also made contributions to the issue queue.159 commits
September 11, 2012
AdamThis month, I made two contributions to Drupal 8 core, in the form of helping write a patch and helping with documentation by editing an API change notice.
September 10, 2012
As we are all aware, Drupal is an excellent content management system which can be used to build complex and scalable web sites. A few years ago when I was only managing my own personal Drupal sites, I was enchanted by the variety of modules available to add functionality to my site. When I had a new idea, there was usually a module which could handle the functionality. Since I wasn't picky, I was also happy to just use a community contributed theme. Then, I could just focus on creating content and move on with my life. Installation was easy - all I had to do was click a few buttons and my host would automatically install Drupal on my shared hosting account.
August 16, 2012
Everyone has their favorite text editors. For my first few years as a professional developer I used Textmate, not even realizing its more advanced features. When I started at OpenSourcery, peer pressure got me using Vim, which is actually great, since it's on 99% of the web servers I work with. Just recently, however, I began using Sublime 2, which is actually more of an IDE, since it offers tons of advanced features and allows you to manage an entire project rather than managing just a single file at a time. This brings me to my first tip I use *all the time*:
August 08, 2012
JonathanDrush1095329 Fixing bug in issue #1633050 where unexpanded project arrays failed to build with defaultsDrupal Extension (34 commits)d365386 Replacing the internal code of some of our step definitions with existing code from the Mink extensionsb4c6b25 Adjusting the regex to make the (that I|I) a non-grouping parentheses
August 02, 2012
Git is great! Git is essential if you want to be a contributor to Drupal. Use it to work on a project, even without being connected to the internet. Make commits, merge branches, roll patches. Take the time to learn its very powerful features. Then use these tips to speed up your life! For example, why would you choose to type three characters when you can type one? Or, why type nine when you can type three? Enter aliases…
July 26, 2012
For awhile now, Chrome has been my browser of choice for web development. It's fast, elegant and customizable. Over the years, there have been some great tricks and customizations that save time, make things easier, and even more pretty.