November 15, 2012
Last night I bore witness to my first Drupal User Group Meet-up, and I have to say, I was impressed. It drew an outstanding crowd.Photo credit Evan Lovely
November 06, 2012
JonathanLast month, I worked on Drupal core - Issue #1464554: I upgraded the path for image style configuration. This is part of the configuration management initiative (CMI), and it is critical for any sites moving from Drupal 7 to 8.For the Media module, I performed a few simple bug fixes. I addressed Issue #1677054: media now uses file_entity_access instead of its own home-grown media_access.
October 31, 2012
If Drupal can be accused of absolutely one thing, it’s spawning one of the biggest communities of support in the history of free, open-source content management systems. And OpenSourcery is proud to have spent the past seven years working alongside this community, helping explore the full potential of the Drupal platform. So for us, there is no greater compliment than to be recognized by our friends over at the Drupal Association. Joined by other leading development companies in the industry, OpenSourcery is proud to be a Strategic Initiative Volunteer, having donated over 200 hours of project management time to the Drupal Association.
October 25, 2012
The Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit was last weekend at the University of Washington campus and what a weekend it was!First, the summit probably set a record for OpenSourcery with 5 sessions. Secondly, this was my second summit and my first that was out of town (the 2011 summit was held here in Portland). The nine of us (Brian, Jessica, Andrea, Heather, Adam, Jason, Jesse, Simon, and myself) piled into a steel blue 15 passenger van for the 3+ hour drive up to Seattle. A fun time was had by all, especially during bowling on Saturday night.Left to right: Jason, Heather, Jesse, Adam, and SheldonHere they are, in alphabetical order:
October 18, 2012
Working with queries in an abstracted manner (like the new D7 database abstraction layer) can be tricky. Even working in D6 with functions like db_placeholders() or db_rewrite_sql() can start to make your head spin. For those of us who want to see the *actual* query sent to MySQL (or whichever database backend you're using), here is a handy snippet of code. When the Devel module is enabled, you can add the following lines to your settings.php file: Note that this must be in the proper part of the file. The $conf array is used to override variables normally set via the UI, which are typically stored in the database in the "variable" table.
October 07, 2012
We were listed among the Strategic Initiative Volunteers who help to improve and help to implement COD, a key DrupalCon tool. Read more on the Drupal Associations post: worked on the DrupalExtension for Behat and BDD. I also submitted several bug fixes for Organic Groups and updated modules and features for NP Auction. I also made contributions to the issue queue.159 commits
September 11, 2012
AdamThis month, I made two contributions to Drupal 8 core, in the form of helping write a patch and helping with documentation by editing an API change notice.