About OpenSourcery

Founded in 2004, OpenSourcery is the premier open source development firm and the largest and most experienced Drupal shop in the Pacific Northwest. We're founding Acquia Partners and deeply involved in the development and customization of Drupal.

We employ a local, full-time staff and lead the way in award-winning sustainable business practices. Our LEED Gold certified offices are located in Portland, Oregon's downtown Pearl District.

Founder Brian Jamison has decades of development, operations, and project management experience, and over 15 years of experience in web development projects. OpenSourcery was created to help responsible businesses, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs make the most of the web.

And we're looking for the best and the brightest Drupal experts to help us make a real difference in the world. If this sounds like you, send us a text-only resume and let's start talking.

We are currently accepting resumes for the following positions:

Experienced Drupal Developer

Project Manager

Information Architect

OpenSourcery is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Founder, CEO

An accomplished startup entrepreneur, Brian co-founded his first business at the age of 14 – a retail party decoration and balloon delivery operation. At 20, Brian sold his interest in the venture and moved into software. Over the next several years he ran a series of profitable technology ventures, initially a shareware computer game company, followed by general computer consulting, and rapid application and database development. In 1995, Brian co-founded Jamison/Gold, an award-winning blend of talented software developers, web game programmers, and interactive designers.


Born and raised in the Pacific NW, Anne landed in Portland in 2005 to attend the Art Institute of Portland and pursue a BS in Web Design and Interactive Media. She began working with Drupal in 2008 while in school and has worked for several Portland-area Drupal shops and on projects for non-profit and Fortune 500 clients alike. Seasoned in both front- and back-end development, she prefers wrangling browser inconsistencies and making the next wave of sites on the web accessible from any device.

Director of Production

Hailing from the windswept shores of cerulean Loch Erie, Anthony comes to OpenSourcery with over a decade of web development, digital production, and project management experience. He is a lover of graph paper, sustainable living, coffee, well ordered lists, and organization. He's been a teacher, information architect, project manager, interactive and front end producer, QA analyst, and writer.

Junior Developer & QA

Austin graduated from Pacifc University with a degree in Integrated Media. In his spare time he enjoys biking, reading, drinking beer, and playing video games. He lives for rainy weather and has a hard time leaving the house in the heat of the Summer. 

Business Developer

Brad comes to OpenSourcery as a business development and marketing professional with ten years experience driving sales through brand development and direct marketing with NW leaders in renewable energy. His goal professionally is to change the world one company at a time. Brad is also an avid family man, spending his downtime teaching his kin how to be most triumphant.

Quality Assurance Lead & Technical Trainer

As OpenSourcery's Quality Assurance Lead Chris acts as the advocate for testing throughout the development process. OpenSourcery takes great pride in its Quality Assurance Process and Chris has worked hard to integrate that process into all stages of development. Before development begins Chris writes behat tests; behavior driven tests designed to test specific user stories. Sites must pass these tests in order for builds to be successful. During development Chris manually QAs every site we build to ensure functionality and to confirm they are built in the most usable way possible.

Director of Client Services

Delona has managed accounts for a wide range of clients -- from emerging technology start-ups to international market leaders. She specializes in managing multiple programs simultaneously and addresses complex topics and issues in a clear, concise manner. She works across all lines of stakeholders to facilitate communications and delivers desired results on time and within budget.


Eric joined OpenSourcery in March 2013 after a good chunk of years working with Drupal in the education/enterprise space.

Lessons from the enterprise shed interesting light on building beautiful web-based applications that are minimal, yet complete. And now, Eric enjoys finding new and interesting ways to apply those lessons to building applications that make a difference in the world. Learning new things everyday helps keep Eric on his toes.

Senior Account Manager

Ian joined OpenSourcery in the spring of 2014.


Jeff grew up dreaming of being a great designer and animator while doing some incidental programming to show off his skills. Three years into the virtual design major at the University of Idaho he finally realized he was terrible at both designing and animating and instead should focus on those bits he actually excelled at. Jeff soon found himself in Portland, immersed in a world of ecommerce, CMS, and many programming languages. With a strong focus on PHP and Javascript he loves the puzzles and stories that Drupal development creates, even while he breaks them.


Jesse grew up as the designated computer support go-to-guy for his immediate and extended family. (A position he dutifully fills to this day.) During college, he began a computer science course of study, but quickly abandoned it for Psychology, then Sociology, then finally Art (emphasis in ceramics), although he managed to squeeze in a minor in Multimedia Design. Jesse is currently a Drupal developer at OpenSourcery, piecing together modules, and coding together solutions.

Account Manager

John has been with OpenSourcery for close to two years. He specializes in RFP proposal responses, and he cares deeply for Drupal and creating powerful web solutions for his clients. He makes it a point to seek out projects for non-profits and other organizations working for the public good. His top priority is creating a working relationship with his clients that lasts.

Director of Engineering

Jonathan graduated from shooting x-rays at hard drives while doing research at IBM to data wrangling at the Downtown Emergency Service Center, where he led software development of CHASERS, an open source agency management/client tracking system at one of Seattle's largest homeless service providers. Jonathan currently speaks PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS. He is friends with databases and plays with PostreSQL and MySQL to keep them in line.


Maria joined the OpenSourcery team in January 2013 after 5 years of Drupal development. She has worked on a variety of web projects from the flash of front-end design to the workhorse of web services. Maria sees web development as a puzzle with many solutions, and she strives to find the best one. In her free time she runs in the rain, sews, and hangs out with all the nicest people on the internet.


Mike started playing around with computers when his dad installed a 286 running MS DOS around his 10th birthday. In college he followed the passion and studied computational physics at Oregon State. He cut his teeth theming and coding in Drupal 4.4. When not at work, he enjoys hiking with his dog Molly and trying out ethnic foods. He also loves living in the Northwest and enjoys being outside as much as possible. His Drupal.org username is nielsonm and on IRC and @oswebguy on Twitter.

Design Lead

Human beings fascinate Paul. A former anthropologist, he turned his website-making hobby into a web design career nearly 20 years ago. He’s been an illustrator, art director, designer, developer, information architect and user experience designer. He has worked extensively for academic and non-profit clients, most recently serving for six years as Mercy Corps’ sole web designer. One of his favorite quotes is “computers are like bicycles for the mind,” and not just because he likes both computers and bicycles. Paul believes technology can extend human capacity and inspire joy.

Developer & Systems Administrator

Ryan Whitehurst recently graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics from Arizona State University. He has previously done Perl development at OpenSourcery and is now happily working with Drupal and PHP. He began programming at a young age in Visual Basic, and soon graduated to design static websites with HTML and CSS. In high school, he began working with PHP, C++, and Perl, which led him to an internship at OpenSourcery, where he continues to work. In addition to computing and mathematics, Ryan enjoys cooking and rock climbing.

Director of Content Strategy

Sara dances on the adaptive edge of digital communications and technology, which has provided two decades of career mojo. She's led national marketing initiatives for organizations and progressive businesses that have leveraged millions of dollars, shifted public perception and fueled the social economy. At OpenSourcery, Sara works with clients to map strategy, develop content and implement creative solutions.

Office Manager

Sheena has lived most of her life basking in the California sun and moved to Portland to pursue greener pastures. Her Mass Communications and Journalism background have led her from the publishing field where she spent some time as a writer and events coordinator, to Portland's ever-fascinating ad agency world, and has kicked off her 2014 by joining the OpenSourcery family. Sheena is a reader of books, a doer of DIY projects and consumer of tasty IPAs.



Simon first developed an interest in programming in the second grade, when he took a class in HTML at his school. After interning at OpenSourcery in the summer of 2009, he came back the following year as a developer and miscellaneous odd-jobber. In addition to coding on his own, Simon's other interests include physics, mathematics, and science fiction. He is currently purusing a degree computer engineering at Oregon State University.